Top 5 Reasons to Select Marble Dining Table from Cherrypick India

Top 5 Reasons to Select Marble Dining Table from CherryPick India

5 Good Reasons to Select Marble Dining Table from Cherrypick

When the context is about the selection of dining tables, marble remains the top choice for class people. There is hardly any surprise that marble dining tables are so famous, that the fascinating stone has been attracting fans for millennia. One of the key aspects of marble is that it can create a natural and lively pattern, which you can not avail of with artificial materials.

And among marble varieties, the white marble unarguably hogs the limelight. Like all other stones, marble is also not perfect. It has its fair share of shortcomings, which is quite normal. To be precise, very few people realize the aesthetic value of having a marble dining table. Being composed of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate, it reacts with acids easily.If you care properly, then the marble dining table would be a part of many dining room memories in years to come. Before going into the reasons for selecting a marble dining table, it is imperative to be aware of the sealed finish. It is recommended that you buy only those marble dining tables that come with a sealed finish.

The dining tables available at Cherrypick are sealed properly to prevent decay. A penetrating sealer would help prevent surface decay and preserve the marble dining table for years to come. One of the best things about marble dining tables is you can polish them or sand them easily. This would help maintain their shine for a long period of time.

5 Best Reasons to Buy Marble Dining Tables

Here are some of the reasons that illustrate why buying marble dining tables from CherryPick is advantageous.

Resistant to Shattering

Households with kids often opt for dining tables that are resistant to shattering. And if you have got kids around, it becomes all more important to opt for a dining table that is shatter-proof. Since classical times, white marble has been used extensively in sculptures.

Quite impressively, marble has a low refraction index of calcite that enables light to travel deep inside the stone. This results in a waxy look, which renders life to marble structures. If you want to infuse a lively environment into your dining space, then selecting dining tables with marble top is a better option. The Onyx Zig Zag Marble Dining Table available at CherryPick being a contemporary marble table is also durable and can withstand rough usage.

The ones available at CherryPick are of various patterns and designs. In other words, you would have complete flexibility to select a marble dining table as per your existing decor.

Versatility in Designs

Compared to other dining tables, marble offers a lot more flexibility to buyers in terms of design. Yes, you can find a whole lot of wooden dining tables flaunting great designs that are apt for any living space. But the grandeur you get from marble is unparalleled.

The look of the marble top on dining tables can be easily transformed with various types of finishes. With the different brushing and polishing techniques, it is now possible to render a whole new look to the marble top.

The dining tables with marble tops available at Cherrypick come in various designs. From polished marble tops to matte finish, you would not have a dearth of options. The Snow Agates Dining Table best clarifies the above statement.

Marble Dining Tables are Durable

Despite the fact that marble demands a bit more maintenance than granite, it doesn’t imply that marble is not durable. The dining tables with marble tops are durable when compared to their wooden counterparts. Much to your delight, the Barrington dining table available at Cherrypick is popular for its durability and can last you longer.

Due to its combination of strength and beauty, marble is a staple component in any home improvement project. The application of marble into furniture has made it immensely popular among modern homeowners. Overall, it is a durable stone and adept in handling dining table traffic.

Exhibits Excellent Heat Resistant Properties

In the realm of dining tables, finding an ideal heat resistant top where you can cook freshly cooked dishes is always a headache. Wooden dining tables can withstand heat but only to a limited extend. The Half Moon Dining Table apart from being classy is made from high-quality marble which makes its resistant to heat.

If you keep searing hot utensils on them for serving, there may be extensive damage to the outer shine. Glass dining tables are also not a great option when it comes to serving hot food. But with marble as the dining tabletop, you can keep hot utensils straight from the oven on it.

Marble won’t crack or burn due to excess heat, which provides homeowners a lot of freedom. Also, it has long been favored by professional chefs to roll out dishes as it stays cool. The marble dining tables available at the Cherrypick are resistant to heat.


There is a misconception associated with marble that it is highly expensive. Yes, it is expensive than wood or glass but costs less when compared to other natural stones. Moreover, the cost can vary on the basis of thickness and type.

The marble dining tables available at Cherrypick come in with attractive offers and discounts. Besides free shipping, you can get mind-blowing offers that are hard to get elsewhere. For instance, the AKD Cross Base Dining Table with its wooden base exudes a timeless appeal that cannot be found anywhere.


So what are you waiting for! It’s high time that you add the timeless appeal of a marble dining table in your living space. Visit Cherrypick India furniture store in Bangalore today and select from a wide variety of luxurious marble and onyx dining tables designed by keeping in mind your home decor.

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