Top 5 Exclusive Luxury Furniture Brands from Cherrypick India

exclusive luxury furniture brands


Luxury Furniture Brands

From modern furniture designs to classic artefacts, from fabric to high-quality leather sofa models, the exclusive and modern furniture has to get over the years many buyers and admirers through the 5 continents.

Our distinctive line of furniture products has been hand-picked from the USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong. The furniture brands we offer are the world leaders by far in their furniture product line from not decades, but centuries. To name a few are HUMAN SCALE design studio New York, IMG from Norway,  STEEL-LAND & M&D – Milano & Design from Italy & SIMMONS from the USA.

And have few selectives of the same & be delighted with these top luxury furniture brands from Cherrypick India, and inspire your home to a new level of luxury!

Here’s the top 5 luxury furniture brands from Cherry Pick India;

  • IMG Norway Chair

IMG Norway chairs, made with state-of-the-art technology & old-world craftsmanship. IMG Norway chairs, easy to look at, easy to lounge in, made with perfectly polished wood veneers, lustrous metal bases and beautiful leathers for your relaxment. Shop Luna Relaxing Chair today!
luna relaxing chair

  • Steel-Land Furniture Designs:

steel-land sofa

  • M&D Milano & Design Furniture Designs:

natuzzi sofa

  • Simmons Bedroom Mattress Products

Simmons, the first mattress company to introduce the King and Queen size mattresses. Simmons newly introduced ultimate sleep luxury with the luxurious Beautyrest Black Simmons Mattress.

simmons mattress

  • HumanScale Ergonomic Chair Furniture

Humanscale stands for ergonomic furniture. Designed to complement any office space and integrate effortlessly into the modern office solutions to offer comfort, style and complete ease of use.

humanscale ergonomic chair furniture


A well-arranged home decor is all about innovative designs with great furniture collections. With Cherrypick India, get the chance to see design technology and best craftsmanship of the highest quality mid-century furniture.

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