The Right Recliner Sofa for Your Room

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Recliner Sofa for Your Home

Want to relax after a long day or just want to comfort yourself while watching a movie, recliners are your best buddies who can cuddle you right. With the ergonomic design, recliners help you stay healthy in style. When it comes to picking the recliners for your home, you do not want to be in a hurry and regret later on the investment. Going through the decision making process is really time consuming and confusing at times.

Things to consider while buying Recliner Sofa:

  • Number of Seating: Depending on whether you want it for a personal usage for yourself, family or guests.

  • Color: You may have to mainly consider the color of wall, tiles and lighting while choosing a recliner color. Either contrasting or matching with background but definitely complementing them.

  • Design: Whether you want more of a vintage or modern look, recliner chairs or sofas, manual or motorized, and so on.

  • Size: This is the most important part of selection. You need to keep a check of the space that will be taken by the recliner. Always consider the measurements of a fully reclined recliner. Two-position recliners occupy more space compared to other types. Push-back recliners are more comfortable and luxurious.

Few from our Recliner Sofa Set Collections:

  • Cadwell Recliner Sofa: Made of soft leather fabric and the brown color give a trendy look. These recliners add up to the fun while hanging out with friends in your living room. The color goes with almost all colors of walls both light and dark as the recliner is of moderate shade.

Cadwell Recliner Sofa for Living Room Furniture from Cherrypick India Store in Bangalore Koramangala

  • Lamar Recliner Sofa: It is a 1 seater motorized recliner (or single recliner sofa) with rechargeable battery. It comes in mustard color, adding to the style of your living or study room. 2 – 14 days battery backup.

Lamar Motorized Recliner Sofa for Living Room Furniture from Cherrypick India in Bangalore Koramangala

  • Sparta Recliner Sofa: A two-seater recliner in chocolate color. The design is stylish and likable by all kinds of people of different age groups.

sparta recliner sofa

  • Symphoney Recliner Sofa: It is a brown colored simple four-seater recliner. This features a high back for better head rest. Just kick your feet up and you are in your perfect movie-watching position.

Symphoney Recliner Sofa for Living Room Furniture from Cherrypick India Store in Bangalore Koramangala

Why Cherrypick, the best place to buy sofa in Bangalore?

  • Bangalore’s largest international furniture boutique

  • Finest brands of furniture cherry picked from around the world

  • Free delivery and services at your doorstep

  • High quality and luxurious furniture at exclusive price

  • Latest and premium selections of furniture

At Cherry Pick India furniture store, we decor the dreams with wood beauty. What makes us unique is we value excellent design, skilled craftsmanship, and exquisite materials, but we also value the human sense, the feeling you get when you walk upto the piece of furniture that has been brilliantly crafted. The difference can be noticed from its make with every single tree that is cut down and the power and privilege we have to extend when a finished piece expresses our creativity, either through the natural beauty of the wood, the design or the marks of shaping left by the human hand.

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