Luxury Leather Sofa Set Designs by Seater Type, Color & Material

Luxury leather sofa set design trends

Latest Leather Sofa Set Designs

When you are entertaining friends, family or guests, the living room is the first impression of your home. Hence one-of-the-best home decor ideas would be the inclusion of luxury leather sofa set designs that combines the perfect blend of comfort and elegance to your Living Room. Among all designer furniture, your sofa set is the centerpiece of your living room and can help make or break the look of the living room in your house. At Cherry Pick India Lifestyles Furniture, we offer beautifully crafted furnishings customized imported furniture to blend seamlessly with your living room. Here’s the list of favorite Leather Sofa design trends of 2020 to get inspired & shop;

Leather Sofa Set Designs for Living Room

Sl No Leather Sofa Model Material Color Shape Seater
1 GOLA Leather Sofa Artificial Leather Brown L 5
2 Grace Sectional Sofa Synthetic Leather White, Brown, Cream, Yellow, Grey L – Shape Sofa 6
3 Martin Leather Sofa Leather Brown Rectangle Shaped Sofa 5
6 PARO Leather Sofa Leather Blue
2 Seater Sofa Set
7 DERRY Leather Sofa Leather Brown
2  Seater Sofa Set
8 Lure Sofa Leather Beige Curved Armrests 5
9 Lagoon Leather Sofa Leather Blue Curved Armrests 4
11 Lambert Leather Sofa Leather Deep Grey
(3 + 2 + 2 + 1) Sofa
12 Clover Genuine Leather Leather White Lawson-style Sofa 2
14 Brooklyn Sectional Sofa Leather Beige Sectional Sofa 6
15 Alfred Leather Sofa Leather Camel Lawson-style Sofa 3+2
16 Marco Leather Sofa Leather Grey Lawson 3+2
17 Romarin Leather Sofa Leather Burgandy Lawson 2-3
18 Crinum Sectional Sofa Leather White Sectional Sofa 5


Best Selling Leather Sofa Furniture:

Note: Your Living Room Furniture should go with your personality.

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