How to Measure Room Space for Furnitures?

How to measure room space for furnitures?

Room Space Measurement Tips for Furnitures

Whether you are moving into a new house or planning to redesign and decorate your existing space with new furniture to make it more functional, you should start with taking measurements. Although measuring the space sounds like a lot of fun, it is a major thing you need to do before you start making plans for furnishing and decorating the room. In this article, we have explained a few tips that help you accurately measure your space for furniture and let your project run smoothly.

Why Should You Measure Your Space Before Purchasing Furniture?

Purchasing a new piece of furniture for your home can be exciting as it includes emotions and sentiments of people. But, there may be a few worst cases where the furniture item bought by you does not fit your space and disappoints your people. For instance, you have done your research and determined the size, quality and features of the sofa set and purchased the sofa that meets your household’s needs from the shop that pop-up in Google when you search the ‘furniture shop near me’ keyword. But, if the dimensions of the luxury leather sofa set purchased by you can’t fit through your main door or get stuck in the hallway, your investment will go wasted. To avoid this, it is essential to measure your space beforehand to identify which size furniture will best fit your space.

Step By Step Guide to Measure Your Room Space for Furniture:

Step 1: Measure the Doorways

When you are considering purchasing new furniture, your first instinct is measuring the room in which you are going to place the furniture. But, it is equally important to measure the doorways because you can’t take the fabric sofa set you have bought to your inner rooms without crossing the doorway. So, start with the front door and measure all the inner doorways through which you have to carry the item. Make sure that you measure both length, width and height from the inside of the frame.

Step 2: Don’t Forget Hallways

You should also check whether the marble dining set you have purchased fits down the passageway in your home, Carefully measure the hallways and stairways and also measure the diagonal measurements if you are bringing in a large piece of furniture. It is important to account for obstacles that block the delivery path and can pose problems while moving large items, including the overhead light fixtures that hang down into the proposed pathway, chair railings, bulkheads, banisters etc.

Step 3: Measure the Room

Measure the dimensions of the room accurately – length, width and height. You should also measure the distance between the entrance gate and the room where you want to place the furniture. Measuring the distance between the entrance gate of the room and opposite wall will help you determine whether it is possible to bring furniture into the room. If you are planning to place the furniture in front of the window, you should measure the location of windows and doorways and the distance from the floor to the window frame.

Make a Plan:

By applying these measurements to a room plan, you can identify the areas you may have missed when measuring. This will also give you a visual guide to make sure that the new furniture fits in your room. Make a rough sketch of the room in which you are planning to furnish and also include the doors and windows. The rough sketch of your room will help you ensure that you don’t forget any important measurement details when shopping the furniture.

The Conclusion:

Besides considering the color, specifications and features of the furniture, you should also determine whether the piece of furniture really fits your space or not. Be cautious while taking the measurements of the room because even 1-inch variation can prevent your favourite furniture item from fitting in your space.

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