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Furniture is products that add grace and beauty to our house. For many of us, some furniture leaves an everlasting memory to cherish for a lifetime. A piece of perfect furniture is created when the creativity is transformed into the design and final outcome shape into something unique.

100+ Furniture Terms Online in the alphabetical sequence related to modern furniture;

  • Artifacts

An artifact is defined as a tool or object or work of art made by humans, especially an object of archaeological interest which gives an inauthentic result.

  • Armchair

An armchair is a comfortable, cushioned chair with supporting arms that allows the person sitting on it to rest his arms.

  • Armoire

An armoire is a kind of large wardrobe or movable cupboard or freestanding closet where the people can hang their clothes on hangers.

  • Book Shelves

A piece of furniture with horizontal or vertical open shelves used to store books or other printed materials in private rooms, public libraries, offices, universities and bookstores.

  • Barstool

A barstool is defined as a high stool with backless seat, cushioned top and a round seat fixed on a central post. This is often used for seating customers at a bar.

  • Bassinet

A bassinet has a basket with a hood over one end and fixed legs or casters, while cradles are to provide a rocking or gliding motion. Mainly used as a newborn baby’s bed like a basket.

  • Beach Chair

A beach chair is a simple chair, one having a lightweight folding frame and a fabric seat which is generally used on the beach and many people can sprawl in beach chairs under an umbrella. Majorly this chair is designed to protect from wind and sun. Sand on beaches and also provide comfort by tourists.

  • Bean Bag

Bean bag  also called a frameless chair, a large soft which is loosely filled with polystyrene granules or rubber foam so that it moulds itself to the contours of the sitter.

  • Bureau

Bureau, a chest of drawers or a dresser with an angled top along with mirror, opening downwards for storing things and also forms writing surface.

  • Bed Table

Bed table, an adjustable rectangular table or tray with legs which is especially used for hospital patients and also as a nightstand that is kept at the side of the bed.

  • Bench

A bench is defined as a long seat of stone, wood or metal for sitting two or more people which is generally used in the park.

  • Bentwood

Bentwood rocker chair is a type of chair with two curved bands and wood bent in moulds that the person to sit and swayed to and fro.

  • Bergere

A Bergere is an enclosed upholstered French armchair of an 18th-century style having a relatively side panel and low back between the arm sets and the seat.

  • Bookcase

A bookcase or bookshelf,  is a piece of furniture with shelves, horizontal, to hold books which are mainly used in university libraries, private homes and bookstores.

  • Bunk Bed

A bunk bed, a piece of furniture with two beds which one-bed frame is stacked on top of another that form a unit.

  • Breakfront

A breakfront is a piece of furniture such as a large cabinet or bookcase  having a front with a central section broken by a curve or angle and projects beyond the sections to either side respectively.

  • Buffet

Buffet, a sideboard with drawers, cupboards and shelves for keep meals or refreshments to be served.

  • Coffee Table

A coffee table is a piece of furniture that is specially designed to be placed in a sitting area or garden area. This is best suitable to share a coffee with friends or family or for business meetings.

  • Center Table

Center table is a medium-sized table of almost any shape with a flat top and supported by one or more legs. It is usually placed in the centre of a room, used to display books, albums etc.

  • Carpet

A carpet is a thick and heavy fabric of wool used to cover floors. The carpets are available in several colours, designs and patterns in both online and offline market places.

  • Corner Tables

A corner table is a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs used or fitted for use or on a corner.

  • Carving Sofa

A carving sofa is made with wooden furniture and elaborately carved to give a rich look to your living room.

  • Couch

A couch is a long soft piece of furniture also known as a sofa which is used mainly for seating. It can also be placed in the lounge, family room or living room to accommodate and please guests.

  • Cabinet

A cabinet is defined as a cupboard or case with drawers, doors and shelves used for storing and holding things.

  • Canopy

A canopy bed, a decorative bed that is similar to a four-poster bed. It is equipped with a solid swath of cloth or canopy may create a ceiling over the bed

  • Captain’s Chair

Captain’s chair, a hardwood armchair having saddle seat and a rounded back with vertical spindles to form armrests.

  • Card Table

A card table, a small or light table having folding legs and a baize surface which are mainly used for card games.

  • Cushion

Cushion, a soft bag or a pillow that is filled with feathers, foam or other padding material. It is often used for reclining, sitting or kneeling.

  • Cart

A cart is defined as an old-fashioned wooden vehicle with two or four wheels that is used for transporting goods or people and may be pulled or pushed by hand.

  • Curtains

Curtains are a large piece of material or cloth used to shut out the light from a window and also increasing the privacy of the room.

  • Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounge, is kind of sofa or upholstered reclining chair with a backrest at only one end and may or may not have arms for reclining.

  • Chandelier

Chandelier, also known as candelabra lamp or a large decorative lamp with branches that light fixture suspended from a ceiling or walls.

  • Chest

The chest is defined as  a large strongbox or a container with a lid, made of wood which is often used for the safekeeping of belongings.

  • Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers defined as a piece of furniture with chest of drawers in a frame on feet or short legs which are used to keep the clothes and store other items.

  • Cabinet

A cabinet, a cabinet or cupboard with glass fronts and sides that are used for the storing or displaying of household in dining room.

  • Clothes Valet

Clothes valet, also known as a valet stand, suit stand and men’s valve, is an item of furniture on which clothes may be hung particularly men’s suit.

  • Club Chair

A club chair is a type of upholstered armchair having a low back,  and arms for added comfort.

  • Curio

Curio is defined as an intriguing object or unusual article which is valued as a curiosity.

  • Console

The console is defined as a storage compartment or corbel that gives support to a shelf or tabletop.

  • Cupboard

The cupboard is a piece of furniture or closet has shelves along with the doors where utensils, dishes or food is kept.

  • Cradle

Cradle, tiny bed or cot for an infant, usually mounted on pivots or rockers.

  • Credenza

A credenza is a type of buffet or dining room sideboard especially one without legs, where dishes, napkins and silverware are stored.

  • Crib

A crib is a bed with high barred or latticed slides for babies to sleep.

  • Cubbies

Cubbies are small open box-like cupboards or compartments in which children can keep their belongings.

  • Dining Chair

A dining chair is specially designed to accommodate guests at the dining table during mealtimes.

  • Desk

A desk is a table or a case with drawers and having a flat top for reading, writing or for placing the computer or a laptop.

  • Dressing Table

A piece of furniture with a low table or chest of drawers with a mirror that is used while putting on cosmetics or applying makeup.

  • Deck Chair

A Deck chair is an elegant piece of garden furniture that add on to the beauty of a garden or balcony, making heads turn.

  • Desk Chair

The desk chairs are specially designed to provide a comfortable experience to you while doing your work, either at the office or at home.

  • Drapes

Drapes are long enough to cover the windows, reach from the top of the window to the floor, sometimes even puddling a bit beneath.

  • Display Cabinet

The wooden display cabinets work like bliss to the interiors by allowing you to showcase the worthy and good-looking items to the guests in a most effective manner.

  • Divan

A divan is a piece of furniture that serves multiple functions at home. During the day time, it accommodates guests like a sofa and during night time, it helps you to have a sound sleep.

  • Easy Chair

The easy chair allows you to sit and relax at home or garden area holding a cup of tea. Choose the best that suits you well among the various easy chair varieties to enhance your guests’ experience.

  • Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas are available in various colours, fabrics, materials, shapes. These sofas will accommodate the guests and visitors while also gives a rich look and fabric feel.

  • Fan

A fan is a device with rotating blades that produce a current of air by the movement of a surface.

  • Frame

A frame is an object that encloses a picture or mirror. The mirror frames are usually used to make up the faces and photo frames are used to collate and showcase valuable memories on the walls of the bedroom or halls.

  • Flooring

Flooring is a permanent covering of an ordinary floor with various materials like wood, tile, carpet or vinyl to make it look attractive.

  • Furniture

The furniture materials such as tables, sofa, chairs, beds, and more are required to like a most comfortable life at home. The furniture matrial will be different for homes and offices.

  • Furnishings

Furniture other decorative accessories such as carpets, curtains and more will be used to furnish a home or office space to give a rich experience to the guests and visitors.

  • Four-Poster Bed

As the name says, the four-poster bed will have four vertical columns one in each corner, supporting the upper panel. Usually, this panel have rails to pull curtains around the bed.

  • Footstool

While sitting, you can use the footstool to give a soft and supple experience to your feet. The footstool is the most preferred item for most of us due to various reasons.

  • Footrest

A footrest is a piece of furniture that comes with a textured surface to let you place your legs while sitting. The surface is made up of circular bumps for stress reduction during the restless workday.

  • Folding Chair

Unlike the regular chairs, folding chairs can be folded to vacate the space whenever required. Folding chairs are easy-to-carry and can be used in lawns, balcony or picnics to sit and relax.

  • File Cabinet

File cabinet is a piece of furniture where you can keep your paperwork, documents and files in order, proving easy access whenever required.

  • Garden Sittings

Garden sitting will be usually placed in the gardens with beautiful flower plants to provide a pleasant experience to the guests and visitors.

  • Glider Rocker

Unlike the traditional rocking chairs, the glider rocker can rock front to back, and even some advanced glider swivel and recline. The glider features a thickly padded soft design cushion with extra foam to ensure a comfortable gliding experience to the guests.

  • Gateleg Table

The table-top of the gateleg table will have a fixed section and one or more hinged leaves at the bottom. The below section of these tables can be folded down to hang vertically when not in use.

  • Garden Bench

Garden benches are usually placed in the gardens to offer a pleasant experience to the guests with a natural touch.

  • Hanging Lamps

Hanging lamps add a style element to your space and steal the show, whether at home or restaurant. It is always advisable to select the hanging lamps based on the interiors to set a perfect ambience. These lights would look absolute above picture walls, bedroom, staircase or kitchen area.

  • Hall Tree

Equipping an attractive hall tree is an effective way to combine multiple functions into one. It combines shoe storage with coat hooks and provides a pleasant experience to the guests at the entryway.

  • Hammock

A hammock is a sling made from canvas, fabric, rope, or netting, usually suspended between two or more points for sleeping, swinging or resting.

  • Hassock

Hassock is a soft cushion that is used for resting, sitting and kneeling your feet. These are used by the congregation in churches for kneels during prayers.

  • Hat Stand

A hatstand, coat rack or hatrack is furniture equipment that is used to store hats and often coats on and umbrellas within. You can add extra storage space to your home with a well-designed hat stand that offers 8 hooks at different heights.

  • Headboard

The headboard is one of the most important pieces of furniture for your headroom. These are an easy solution to create a fashionable focal point that elevates your bed-scape and enhance the overall look.

  • Highchair

High chairs let your kids sit with the family and helps them develop their eating skills and social skills. You can choose the best among a wide variety of highchairs such as stable bases, rounded edges and safety belts.

  • Hope Chest

A hope chest or a dowry chest, trousseau chest, cedar chest, or glory box is a piece of furniture traditionally used to collect all the items, including clothing and household linen, by unmarried women in anticipation of married life.

  • Hutch

Hutch is a type of cage used to house domestic rabbits. It is a radiation shielding enclosure in a synchrotron radiation beamline.

  • Kitchen Island

Wooden kitchen islands fulfil both the aforementioned aspects perfectly. It provides extra space to store your kitchen essentials and also act as a dinette table whenever required.

  • Leather Sofa

Sofas are multi-purpose products and are usually the most raided piece of furniture. It complements the interiors of the house with its variability in styles, sizes, and shapes. A plush leather sofa with strong aesthetics and contemporary looks can not only be used for a casual night with friends but also for business purposes.

  • Light

Lights let you nicely lit up the house and helps you depicts blissful elements of purity, happiness, togetherness and prosperity. There are a wide variety of lights with diverse designs and patterns available in the market.

  • Lamps

You can choose the best lamps among the various available options such as tripod lamps, floor lamps, filament lamps, table lamps, flush mounts, customized lights and outdoor lighting that perfectly fits your space and light up your house.

  • L-Shape Sofa

The L shaped sofas ensure luxury and comfort at the same time. It never fails to add a regal touch to the overall look of the living room. The sofa aids you to relax and take a quick nap and also binge-watch Your TV during your leisure time.

  • Leatherette Sofa

Sofa grabs the guests and visitors attention in a quick span of time. The leatherette sofa is an ideal choice for every house as it guarantees a luxurious look while also providing a comfortable seating experience.

  • Ladderback Chair

Ladderback chairs or dining chairs are usually placed at the dining table to accommodate the guests during mealtime. These chairs serve the purpose of accommodating gusts while also enhances the overlook of the dining table.

  • Love Seat

Loveseats are specially designed sofas for your bedroom, which gives a beautiful seating space for you to have a heart to heart conversion wit your partner and cherish.

  • Lawn Chair

The lawn chairs that are crafted using a premium-quality material serve the purpose of being comfortable and stylish at the same time. These chairs play a crucial role in giving a stylish makeover to your garden or outdoor sitting arrangements and reminds us of enjoying a peaceful evening with a hot cup of coffee in the evening.

  • Lift Chair

A lift chair is a piece of furniture that is used for medical purposes due to various reasons. These chairs look similar to the standard reclining chairs and these can be used in an upright position with just the push of a button.

  • Lounger

A lounger is a perfect retreat that relaxes you with its resilient, soft and cushioning, making you relish the rich comfort. Besides helping you take away your stress, the lounger also conceals your belongings with storage space.

  • Lintel

Lintel or lintol is a short beam made of wood, concrete or steel placed above the opening in the wall, doors, windows, ect., to support the triangular part of the wall above it.

  • Lounge Chair

A lounge chair is your perfect companion that allows you to sit and relax for a while after a restless day. Besides providing a good seating option, the lounge also enhances the overall look of your living rooms.

  • Mirrors

Earlier are the days where the wall mirror are just limited to showing your reflection. But, with the evolution of interior designs, mirrors also serve as beautiful furniture pieces that enhance the beauty of your interiors. Nowadays, mirrors are coming in intricate patterns with various designs engraved on them, making them a piece of art.

  • Mattresses

Mattresses aids you to have a sound sleep thereby helping you to wake up fresh and happy the next morning. Be it a single bed, queen-size bed or a king-size bed, there are plenty of mattresses types available for you to choose among.

  • Mantle

The mantelpiece, chimneypiece or fireplace mantel is one of the most essential furniture of any house. Usually, the mantles are projected over the fire grate to catch the smoke. There is nothing warm than welcoming guests and visitors with a crackling fire in an open fireplace.

  • Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed, pull-down bed, fold-down bed or wall bed is hinged at one end to store inside a closet or cabinet, or vertically against the wall. These beds are an ideal option for people with small houses, as they can close the beds when it is not in use to save space.

  • Nightstand

Nightstands are used to keep your mobile and other frequently used things such as alarm clocks, books, medicines and more. These are usually placed in the bedrooms and sometimes these can also be placed in living rooms.

  • Office Tables

Office tables should be able to serve the diversified needs of the employees such as accommodating the computers, laptops and other supporting devices.

  • Office Chairs

Office chairs allow employees to sit and work effectively in office spaces. These chairs reduce the hip and leg strain and chronic back that may be effected for being seated for a long period of time. So, transform your office space environment with comfortable office chairs and enhance your employees’ productivity.

  • Outdoor Furniture

Be it a backyard or a balcony, you can extend the uniqueness of your outside space by placing the right outdoor furniture such as sun lounger or outdoor sofa, Chair with armrests, Hammock withstands, Sunbed, Relaxing chair and more.

  • Office Furniture

An old fashioned table or dark furniture can give a dull, boring and intimidating appeal to the stakeholders and may affect the company’s reputation. So, the furniture in the office spaces should be professional and it should look clean, elegant and classy to accommodate stakeholders, employees, partners and clients.

  • Ottoman

Ottoman is a piece of furniture that serves the purpose of seating, storage, tea table and more. As the Ottoman is compact, it saves more space in your area by accommodating more guests in a small place.

  • Photo Frames

Photo frames help you prettify and add uniqueness to any corner or dull wall of your house. You can choose the photo frames of your choice from a wide variety of photo frames with different colours, design patterns and sizes to make your space look beautiful and attractive.

  • Pantry

Pantry is an elegant high-quality cabinet that is used to store food, dishes, beverages and other provisions used for cooking and kitchen essentials.

  • Park Bench

Park bench is usually placed in public and private parks to accommodate the people and help them get relaxed and refreshed. These are similar to the garden benches which will be used in one’s private garden.

  • Patio Chair

Patio chairs let the people sit and relax while using the patio table. These are an elegant piece of garden furniture that adds on beauty to the garden, balcony, or even to a verandah, making heads turn.

  • Patio Table

Be it a living room, study room, or bedroom, Patio table serves as a piece of decor to adorn the overall look and feel of the room. You can replace your old, dull rectangular table with a well-designed patio table that is unique in design and serves your purpose.

  • Pew

The curved, mitered, wood and upholstered pews are generally used in courtroom and churches. You can customize the pew as per your needs and requirements using a full range of pew body styles, accessories, fabrics and finishes.

  • Piano Bench

The piano bench is one of the most important pieces of furniture for the people who are passionate to play piano or keyboard. These benches keep you comfortable while you are involved in making music and helps you practice longer thereby improves your skills.

  • Picnic Table

Whether you are going to a picnic or planning to arrange dining at outdoors, picnic table provides you with an easy way to create an outdoor sitting arrangement. A wide variety of options are available to suit specifications and taste.

  • Pillow

A pillow consists of a cloth bag filled with sponge rubber, feathers, plastic fiver, or air, used to rest your head while sleeping. These are an integral part of the bed and they provide support to your spine or head while you lay on the bed or chair at the end of the long tiring day.

  • Porch Swing

Porch swings are typically placed in an enclosed or unenclosed patio, porch or an informal extension of the living rooms to accommodate guests and visitors. Usually, the porch swings are designed to accommodate two or three people at a time. You can place the swings in outdoors or gardens to sit and relax your mind and body from a restless day.

  • Recliners

For a fanatics theatre-like experience at the home, the recliner is an ideal choice. Nothing beats the peace you will attain while relaxing in your recliner seat after a tough day at work.

  • Relaxing Chairs

A relaxing chair is both comfortable and functional and its extended side supports give complete rest to your arms. These chairs can be used in indoors, outdoors or in the garden, areas to sit and relax during leisure times.

  • Reception Tables

Reception is the place where people step-in while visiting the office. So, the reception tables should be arranged in such as a way that it attracts the employee, partners, stakeholders and customers of the company.

  • Rack

Ack is a framework with horizontal or vertical bars with or without doors used to organize and store things safely. You can use racks to store food materials, shoes, books, or frequently used things.

  • Rug

Rugs are made up of natural rubber and these are used to cover the floor of your house, making it easier for you to maintain the house clean. Whatever be the type of floor you have, rugs add warmth to those to turn into an aesthetically pleasing space.

  • Rocking Chair

The rocking chairs have the power and the capability to help you relax your tired mind and body. These chairs provide a soothing motion that eases anxiety and arthritis pain by improving blood circulation and for people of almost all ages. Due to this, these chairs have continued to be loved by children and adults alike.

  • Room Divider

Room divers help you to create separate sections in a room, making sure you don’t miss the sense of privacy. The room dividers that come with dedicated shelves not only help you use most of your floor space, but also allows you to store your decor piece or most frequently used things for easy access.

  • Swings

Swings are a perfect choice for a quick nap or an extended sleep for many people. Not only the babies, but teenagers can also enjoy a sound sleep on swings as they effectively lull them into a deep sleep. Even the experts also endorse sleeping on swings or hammocks for medical reasons.

  • Sofas

Sofa enhances the look and feels of your living room while also adds charm and gives extra comfort while relaxing. A wide variety of sofas are available in the market, including a single sofa set, 2-seater sofa sets, and 3-seater sofa sets.

  • Side Table

Side tables will be shelves with a small door or multiple drawers and usually come in small sizes. Small tables can be placed anywhere in the house, especially, these will be placed beside beds to store items that are useful during the night such as night lamps, phone, alarm clock, reading materials, drink, and more.

  • Storage

There will be always a shortage of storage space in almost every house, no matter how big it is. However, the storage cabinets allow you to store your things away from dust while also appraising the guests with their visually outstanding looks.

  • Study Table

Study tables are not at all limited to the students. Anyone in the home can use study chairs to handle various tasks. A wide variety of study chairs are available in the market, including the contemporary, Indian ethnic study tables, eclectic, colonial, and more.

  • Shoe Racks

The shoe racks immaculately keep your footwear by providing you with enough sections to accommodate different types of footwear such as flats, formal shoes, type stiletto heels, wedges, sneakers, pumps and more. Simply, the shoe racks help you organize your footwear neatly.

  • Single Seater Sofa

A single-seater sofa consumes less space compared to the 2-seater and 3-seater sofas and helps you decorate your living space well while also allows you to sit and relax for a while.

  • Stool

Stools are the primeval seating furniture referred to as a backless chair. These are analogous to a chair. With no backrests and armrests, the stools are easy-to-go furniture, which can be easily rolled out and can be placed anywhere in the house. Stools are available in various types, sizes and colors and serve several functions ˆin the house.

  • Sofabed

Sofabeds are of inevitable necessity in houses where there is a scarcity of space and compact rooms. These beds are the smart alternative to your regular sofas, which are comfortable for both sitting and sleeping.

  • Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper sofas that feature hidden frames under the cushions that pop out to reveal a mattress are a great option if you need comfort, elegance and versatility. With a wide variety of materials and styles, the sleeper sofas perfectly suit any room of your house. These are a great option for smaller houses that don’t have extra space for guests.

  • Sideboard

Sideboards are a storage accessory that helps you keep your valuable things organized and make your home clutter-free. The wooden sideboards with a designer look and ethnic feel upgrade your living space and confer an elegant touch to your house.

  • Shoji Screen

The traditional Japanese Shoji screens are popular across the world for their practical purposes, including concerts, Buddhist rites, tea ceremonies, dances, concerts and outdoor processions. The Shoji screens bring elegance, beauty and artistry to your house.

  • Shelf

Shelves are a convenient option to organize and store the mess of things lying around in the room. These allow you to store the frequently used items, making it easier for you to search and grab the items whenever required without much effort. Besides providing the storage space, shelves add a touch of elegance to your home interiors.

  • Settee

The settee is a small bench with or without storage and upholstery options. Unlike the normal benches, the settees come in elegant designs to make your living room beautiful. An upholstered two-seater sofa with backrest and armrests can also be referred to as a settee sofa. The settee is a beautiful fit for the restful ambiance of a living room or bedroom.

  • Sectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is a classy lounger for your living room. You can lighten up and bring a quintessential charm to the dull corners of your house by placing either the amazing right arm or left arm fabric sofas.

  • Secretary

Secretary is a writing desk fitted with a drawer that can be pulled out to create a flat writing surface. These desks come in a wide variety of designs and patterns to perfectly fit your office space. The secretary desks include wide drawers topped by a desk with a hinged surface which in turn used as a bookcase.

  • Seat

The seat is a small piece of furniture that allows people to sit and relax for a while. The sitting furniture is available in a wide variety of designs and patterns which can be used to accommodate the guests whenever required.

  • Screen

Screen dividers can be used either as a privacy screen, room partition, or as a decorative element. A well-crafted screen dividers with a magnetic charm will give a more appealing look to the home while also serving the need of creating separate sections in the house.

  • Sconce

A sconce is a light fixture usually fixed to a wall directed either upwards or downwards. These lights come with a wide variety of options with different designs and colors to help you enhance the beauty of your house. A sconce is an old form of the fixture where the candles and oil lamps are used inside it.

  • Table

Tables attract the guests and visitors that enter your house while also helping you to store your day-to-day stuff. The tablets come in various varieties, including the coffee tables, nest of tables, end tables, console tables, portable tables, study tables, dressing tables, and more.

  • TV Units

TV units are capable of bringing together the entire family to watch entertainment shows. The Tv units uplift the ambiance of your living room while also aesthetically appealing to the guests.

  • Tuffet

Tuffet is a grassy mound, clump of grass, or low seat or stool that lets you rest the feet while sitting on chairs. A wide variety of tuffet stools available in several sizes designs and made of different types of materials.

  • Trundle Bed

Trundle beds offer more comfort and support to you during sleep time while also enhances the interiors of your house with a visually outstanding look. It is a low, wheeled bed specially designed to perfectly fit under your regular bed. It looks cute and adds to the beauty of your kid’s room.

  • Table Lamp

Besides beautifying the ambiance of your home interiors, Table Lamps entities to spilled the extra charm in your ambiance and provide enough light to your space.

  • Throw Rug

With the Throw Rug, you can revitalize and beautify any room in your house.  The throw rugs add warmth to stone floors or cold tile and turn your drab room into an aesthetically pleasing living space while also protects hardwood carpeting or floors.

  • Throne

A throne is a chair usually set on a dais and surmounted by a canopy to represent the power of the dignitary. Usually, these chairs are used to represent the power and status of the person sitting on it.

  • Tea Cart

The tea carts help you transport the tea carefully from the kitchen to the halls or other rooms. With the tea carts, you can also transport multiple dishes from the kitchen to the dining hall for a dinner party at home or for office parties.

  • Tansu

The traditional mobile storage cabinetry, Tansu is indigenous to Japan and it was first recorded in the Genroku era. The two words Tan and Su represents the objects that serve two different functions: carrying of firewood and the storage of food.

  • Vitrine

Vitrine is a glass display case usually equipped in the exhibitions or commercial spaces, including museums, retail stores, jewelry stores, etc., to showcase items. The Vitrines come in different sizes and shapes and can be customized as for your needs and specifications to enhance the design and effectively present in the items.

  • Venetian Blinds

Venetian wooden blinds give a classic look to the windows of the house or office thereby provides them with everlasting elegance. The blinds come in various sizes and shades to blend perfectly with the style and design of your house finishing and provides a luxurious experience to the guests and visitors.

  • Vanity

Vanity comes in a variety of colors, shapes, styles and sizes, and adds a unique style to your bathrooms vehicle also ensuring a property functionality in solving your space challenges. There are a wide variety of vanities available in the market, such as single sink vanity, double sink vanity with a top, or without a top.

  • Valet

Valet or clothes valet, valet stand, or suit stand is a furniture item that allows you to hang clothes safely. Typically, a valet includes hangers, shoe bars, trouser hangers, and tray organizers store the day-to-day using things safely. Electric clothes valets that help you to warm clothing before dressing are also available in the market at affordable prices.

  • Window Blinds

A window blind is a type of window covering that adds grace to your windows. These are made up of several horizontal slats made of various types of materials, including plastic, wood, or metal held together by cords and run through the blind slats.

  • Wallpapers

Wallpapers are a prepped canvas that helps you to render your space in a simple yet effective way. The wallpapers add grandeur to your space thereby helps you upgrade the way your house looks.

  • Wardrobes

A wardrobe or armoire is a closet usually equipped with a mirror, drawers, and other things used for storing clothes. Besides giving the piece to organize your dresses and accessories, wardrobes add a touch of glam to your home.

  • Wooden Sofa

The wooden sofa sets look great and assure a sturdy seating option with its classic, sophisticated and elegant frame when placed in any room.

  • Wing Chair

A Wing chair is an upholstered wingback chair, specially crafted to give an extra amount of ease and comfort to your guests. You can choose the best that suits you among the Wing chairs that are made from leather, teak wood, sal wood, Sheesham wood, metal and fabric.

  • Windsor Chair

The Windsor chair is built with a solid wooden seat that offers more comfort to you. In these chairs, the seat is deeply sculpted and sloped backward with an adjustable back angle and can be easily modified based on your specifications.

  • Window Shades

You can spice up any room by adding flair to your windows with window shades. Window blinds and shades are a quick and effective solution to control the light entering the room and provide privacy, while also adding some style to your rooms.

  • Waterbed

A waterbed, water mattress, or flotation mattress is a vinyl mattress filled with water. Usually, waterbeds are intended for medical therapies due to various reasons.

  • Waste Basket

A wastebasket is a container usually made out of plastic or other materials, which is used to temporarily store the waste. The waste containers help you to easily collect and throw the dust or waste out.

  • Work Table

Work tables will be usually placed in the offices or the work-rooms at the home. These tables let you keep various things that are required for you to finish your work effectively such as computers or laptops and supporting devices, notepads, and more.

  • Writing Desk

Writing desks allows you to comfortably sit in the right posture while writing or doing office works. Both the students and working professionals can use the writing desks to place laptop or writing pads to work comfortably.

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