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Sectional or Sofa Set - A Living Room Furniture Guide for You

  • Post By: Shubham

  • Date : February 11, 2020

Sectional or Sofa Set - A Living Room Furniture Guide For You

Your living room is the place where you gather with others for endless chats over drinks or to watch TV and relax. Whatever is your living room meant for; it is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in your dwelling. The room should not only look stylish but also offer you and your guests the utmost comfort. It is essential to carefully decide which furniture will suit your living space the most according to its shape and size.

While making seating arrangements in your living space, keep in mind that when you buy living room furniture online a piece of furniture should not make your room look congested or stuffy. It should provide your space with supreme comfort, symmetry, and style.

7 Tips to help you choose between a sectional or sofa to make the right seating arrangement:

1. Examine your Sofa Room Size

If you have a small and compact living room then you can go for a traditional sofa set to give it a comfortable and liveable look. In that case, a sectional sofa can crowd your room by impeding the openness of your space and overwhelming other furniture. If your space is a big one then you can fit in an elegant looking sectional. A sectional having a modular design with independent pieces is most appropriate for your bigger space as it can be arranged in different positions. It stands out as the centerpiece of your room while making it cozy and homey.

2. Decide your Sofa priority: family or guests?

If you often invite several guests to have fun at your place then a sofa will work best as your living room furniture. The sofa enables everyone to sit with some personal space in between and that makes your guests sit comfortably and freely. It also allows more space to place your chairs or stools around the sofa with an adequate gap in between. Your visitors will surely be glad to spark conversations in such a close yet spacious seating accommodation.
If you consider from the perspective of your family members, a sectional can be a very good choice. The cozy arrangement with multiple pieces will facilitate you to sit close to each other and enjoy hours together over coffee.

3. Consider the mobility aspect of sectional sofa

In the case of a sectional sofa, once you place it in your living room it is generally inconvenient to move it to another area. Sectionals are comparatively bulky and occupy a permanent position in your space. On the other hand, when you configure your room with a sofa you can move the piece of furniture around in different directions as you wish. Thus a sofa is more dynamic and enables you to change its position to give your space a new look whenever required.

4. Do you want to customize the Sofa? 

A sectional is highly adaptable and provides you with the flexibility to customize it with your choice of fabric, design, color, and size, layout option. Usually, most of the time people prefer their sectionals in the U or L shaped arrangement. But if you do not have the right space for such an arrangement or want to go for a different seating pattern then you can add, remove, rearrange or separate the sections. Dividing and separating the pieces of the sectional can be a great alternative to reduce congestion in your room and utilize the space in a better way. Your living room with the new configurations and customized pieces will never cease to amaze you! When it comes to a sofa, it cannot be customized in the same way as a sectional. A sofa usually comes in the form of a single piece and rearranging its parts is unlikely.

5. Decide: want a formal or informal look for the sofa?

A sectional is over-sized, less formal and provides a casual look to your space. While sofas are available with both formal and casual look. If you think from the perspective of your family and friends, a sectional is the most appropriate option for you to sprawl out and engage in conversations with them. From a point of view of your formal guests or visitors, a sofa is a good option as they can sit, talk and relax with some personal space in between each other.

6. Do you like to mix and match the sofa?

With a sofa, your possibility to mix and match it with other pieces of furniture is endless. Depending on the size and shape of your space, you can pair up your sofa with a chair, love-seat, stool, beanbag or whatever you want to make your room look its best. On the other hand with a sectional, you can deck up your room in one style. The bulky sectional hardly leaves any additional space left in your room for arranging other furniture around it.

7. Consider other Sofa Features

A sectional can improve the aesthetics of your living space as it comes in contemporary fabric and design. It is available in various designs, patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes to make your interiors look all the more stylish. Moreover, some sectionals can be pulled out easily and used as extra beds if you have many guests at your place.

Bottom Line

Thus whether it is a sofa or sectional, it is surely a must-have piece of furniture for every living space. Before making the purchase of a living room sofa set or sectional, consider carefully the benefits that each offers you. Pick the piece that suits the dimensions of your room, meets your needs and beautifies your abode. The right furniture will work wonders for your space and never fail to turn heads of passersby!