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luxury fabric sofa set design furniture

Fabric Sofa for Living Room

Some of the best life moments are spent laughing, talking, relaxing, napping, watching series, and of course, having discussions on the living room sofa set with family, friends, relatives & guests. Your sofa is an investment as well as beauty to the living room of your home and can be one-of-the-trickiest pieces of home furniture to find & shop. Among all designer furniture, your sofa set is the centerpiece of your living room and can help make or break the look of the living room in your house. At Cherry Pick India Lifestyles Furniture, we offer beautifully-crafted imported Sofa furniture of different sizes, fabric, and style that would fit your Home needs perfectly. Here’s the list of favorite Customize Fabric Sofa design trends of 2020 to get inspired & shop;

Fabric Sofa Set Designs
SL No Fabric Sofa Designs Materials Seater Color
1 Cosmo Three Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 3 Blue
2 Fabric Sofa Mosco Fabric 6 Blue & White
3 Fabric Sofa Natuzzi Fabric 6 Orange
4 Model Kazo Two Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 2 Cream
5 Model Delight Seven Seater L Shaped Fabric Sofa Fabric 7 Brown
6 Icon Four Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 4 Charcol
7 Model Denmark Fabric Sofa Fabric 2 Brown
8 Charm Five Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 5 Green
9 Greek 7 Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 7 Cream
10 Tulip 5 Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 5 Grey
11 Flora 7 Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 7 Grey
13 Montana Seven Seater Fabric Sofa – Peach Fabric 7 Peach
14 Stylo Seven Seater Fabric Sofa Fabric 7 Cream

Note: Click the Fabric Sofa Set Types to be redirected to the specific Sofa furniture product page for your reference and view all details of the given sofa set product. Note: Your Fabric Sofa home decor should reflect a distinct sense of style that’s uniquely you & fits your lifestyle! Click the link to check for the latest Sofa Sets Designs with the best price deals this festive season.

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