How to Place Home Furniture According to Vastu?

Vastu Tips for Home Furniture

Vastu Tips for Home Furniture Placement

Why Vastu for Home Furniture?

Every breathing & non-breathing object in this universe is affected by a force known as “energy”. Energy is further subcategorized into “Positive Energy”, “Negative Energy” and “Neutral Energy”. According to science, these energies reflect certain qualities as per their individual variants and placements which in today’s world is being referred by the term “Vastu”. Many people believe that Vastu is only limited to house construction but in reality, even the furniture placement at your home can justify the energy that you are surrounded with.

Vastu Tips for Living Room Furniture

Here are the Vastu tips for every essential room of your house;

  • By and large, the section to our house is through a parlor. So the family room should look cheerful and welcoming. The passageway entryway door should be of wood material. Always place the furniture to the west or south way and away from the wall to permit the energy stream even from the back. Maintain a strategic distance from a sporadic shape like oval or round in the furnishings.
  • A perfect square or square shape is the favored method to organize the furniture in the family room. The TV should be set in the South-east, North or Eastern piece of the room. Since the living territory is the social region of the house, there is an inclination to show curios and memorabilia. Try not to put a ton of it here. The general purpose is to keep the zone less discouraged for the positive energy to stream in. At the point when you have visitors visiting ensure you should confront the North or East heading.
  • To make your family room Vastu-consistent, you ought to try not to put these stylistic theme items.
  • Canvases that portray negative scenes like a sinking transport, wars, a crying youngster, misery, and so forth can cultivate torment or distress in your psyche thus Ashna suggests abstaining from balancing such craftsmanship in your parlor or some other zone of your home.
  • Electronic machines that are done working should be fixed or disposed of so consistently checking your divider tickers and home apparatuses. Broken photograph outlines, showpieces, mirrors with breaks ought to be disposed of just as they can bring misfortune.
  • Vastu Tips for Dining Hall:

The eating table should be set in the North-west situation of the kitchen or lounge. The feasting table should be comprised of wood and avoided the divider. It ought to be uniform fit as a fiddle and tone and it ought to be round or oval to animate correspondence and keep up connections inside the families. Dodge dim shading material in the dining table or eating zone. Try not to keep the eating table in the focal point of the house or in the kitchen. Try not to keep a TV before the eating table and abstain from watching anything while at the same time eating

Vastu Tips for Bedroom:

The room should be loaded with positive quality as it is the main room in each house. The bed in our room should be set the South-west way of our room and the South-east part should be kept vacant. The bed should be avoided in the entryway and window to maintain a strategic distance from the progression of indispensable energy, particularly during the evening.

The closet in the bed stay with assets should be kept a south-west way as it were. Never place a mirror in the room that mirrors the picture of the bed. Spot it deliberately that the bed isn’t obvious in the mirror. Ensure your head points toward the south when you rest as it is the most quieting and agreeable position. Keep your room mess-free.


Vastu genuinely makes the house a home. Adjusting the 5 components is the way to get achievement and harmony to you and your friends and family.

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