8 Tips for Buying Home Furniture

buy furniture for your home

Guide to Buy Furniture for your Home

Warren Buffet once said, “Only buy something that you would be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”
Furniture is one of the most essential parts of a house or an office. We need furniture to support a variety of our needs. You may not buy a house or a car, but you most likely would buy a set of furniture.

It may seem simple on your first thought, but buying furniture must be given a thorough consideration backed with some research. Whether you are planning to upgrade your old decor or moving to a new house, buying new furniture can be a herculean task.

Here’s 8 Top Tips while Buying Home Furniture:

  1. Get the correct measurements 
    Never buy furniture before getting the measurements. There have been plenty of cases when customers bought a set of furniture but at the time of delivery, they realize that it does not fit. Getting the measurements is a lot simpler than exchanging your purchased furniture. Once you have the numbers, you will have a good idea of which furniture would fit perfectly. So save yourself from the avoidable trouble and start your furniture shopping by getting the correct measurements before anything else.
  2. It should contrast with the color of the walls 
    When you buy furniture for your living room, bedroom, or any room for that matter, it is critical to consider the color of the walls. If the color of your newly purchased furniture does not contrast with the color of the walls in that room, everything would look clumsy. So avoid that and silly error by studying and analyzing what would match the color of your walls. Unless, of course, you are planning to get the interior walls painted after buying the furniture.
  3. Do not fall for silly offers 
    A lot of companies have now started giving offers on their furniture. It is true, buying furniture during an offer period can save you some money, but know that the good ones seldom come in offer. They usually get sold before the offer period. More often than not, sub-standard furniture or the ones which have a defect goes on sale. The best offers are the ones which are provided by banks. Also note that if an offer seems too good to be true, it most likely is.
  4. Think of it as your fixed cost 
    Just like with any expensive thing, having a budget in mind is always a smart step before you buy furniture. However, it is equally smart to give the first preference to the overall quality and not the price. Chart out your budget, but keep it a little flexible. There is usually something which fits all budget ranges, but the cheaper ones may compromise on the durability, design, longevity, and quality. Buying new furniture should always be looked at as a fixed cost.
  5. Vintage or New 
    Vintage furniture has stood the test of time and usage, but they are often heavy and outdated. If you are wondering whether you should buy vintage furniture or new ones, opt for new ones. When you buy new furniture, you are assured of its quality by the manufacturers. That, however, cannot be assured by a person selling vintage furniture. Buying a new piece of furniture can be expensive and, dare we say, stressful. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A little bit of research in addition to buying furniture from a reputed brand such as Cherry Pick India can save you both – money and stress.
  6. Don’t be impulsive 
    This tip is seldom considered before buying furniture. An average person usually spends a few months looking for a house and weeks before buying a car. Don’t rush to buy furniture, take your time. Since purchasing furniture should be seen as a one-time cost, a considerable amount of thought needs to be given. Does your research, look around, consider your options, and only then decide which furniture you want to buy. Unless upgrading furniture is your hobby, you probably wouldn’t want to buy new furniture from time to time.
  7. The furniture should suit your lifestyle 
    Some people have a pet animal, some may like to move the position of their furniture every once in a while, some even sleep on their couch… it all depends on your lifestyle. To counter this, ask yourself the 3 W’s – ‘What, Why, and Who’. What is the purpose of the furniture? Why do you need furniture? Who is going to use it? Once you have the answers to the 3 W’s, you will get a clear idea of what type of furniture you should buy.
  8. Maintenance 
    You may buy the best piece of furniture, but if you fail to take good care of it, it will not last long. Maintenance is an important factor to be considered when buying any furniture. Some furniture requires extra care, whereas some don’t require much care. Buy your furniture depending on how much care you would be able to take care of it and whether that much care would suffice or not. Buying an item of good quality furniture coupled with appropriate maintenance is enough to make it cost-effective in the long run.

Buying furniture is not as easy as it may seem, but the process can be stress-free. Follow the aforementioned tips and there won’t be any scope of error. As mentioned earlier, a little bit of research and effort goes a long way. Rest, Cherrypick India Furniture showroom is best there to take care of your expectations, when it comes to Furniture shopping including Leather Sofa, Fabric Sofa, Dining Table & Chair, Office Furniture, Outdoor Furniture & others.

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