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Prunus Dining table built with gold leaflets is laid inside epoxy resin with a contemporary wooden base making it a wonderful piece of dining space product with sturdy, stylish and elegant look.

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  • Material 1 : Marble
  • Room Type : Dining Room
  • Seater : 8
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Warranty : Manufacturers Warranty
  • • Design: The dining table has an with gold leaflets laid inside epoxy resin with a contemporary wooden base and a modern design that will not take too much space.
  • • Built: It comes with wooden legs with enough leg space according to its seating capacity of eight people.
  • • Chairs: The chairs feature a modern-day design and are cushioned which gives a good seating experience.

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  • To improve the life of this dining table set, please following these simple steps-
  • • Do not place any heavy or sharp objects and always follow the recommended weight limit.
  • • Do not clean the surface of the dining table or chairs with damp cloths, instead, use dry and soft cloths.
  • • Always use coasters and mats before keeping any cutlery on the dining table.
  • • Do not drag the dining table set while moving it, instead, simply lift it a little.