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Model : Z006 (TRZ)

Luxurious leather sofa with soft cushioned high back in modern classic design. Cherrypick India brings one of the most yet luxurious leather sofa set to amplify the ambience of your home.

This is one of the most trending contemporary sofas that are made by professional artisans. Despite being a modern one, the sofa set bears a classic design, which makes it stand apart even in the presence of other furniture.

Available Colours

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  • Material : Leather
  • Colour : Grey
  • • Place the sofa in your living space and attract the eyeballs of the guests coming to your house :
  • • As the sofa is not too big, you can save a considerable amount of space in your drawing-room :
  • • You won’t have any problem to wipe away the unwanted particles that get accumulated below the sofa set due to the decent height it maintains from the ground :
  • • You will feel proud to possess the classically designed sofa set :
  • • The upholstery is manufactured out of fine quality leather :
  • • Being spacious, one can rest properly on the sofa set :
  • • The sofa is manufactured out of polished hardwood and expensive leather
  • • Filling materials used are ultra-light and fluffy, which adds comfort to the sofa
  • • Both the sides of the sofa set are a bit raised and wider to facilitate occupants in keeping their hands comfortably
  • • The thick wooden legs of the sofa set are robust and durable
  • • People who love grey colour would become fond of the sofa set
  • • The soft, cushioned high back design of the sofa set provides the utmost comfort and efficiency

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  • • To avoid minor scratches, make sure not to keep any sharp items like a scissor or knife on the sofa
  • • Do not keep any warm items directly on the sofa set; doing this may damage the leather gradually
  • • Make use of a dry sponge or a soft material to clean stains and other visible marks
  • • Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner to remove dust particles from the sofa set
  • • Try not to drag the sofa while moving it, otherwise the wooden legs may get damaged