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Model : WAS-S171

Cherrypick India brings the most trending sofa set to amplify your home décor and mesmerize the guests coming over.

It is considered to be one of the most luxurious sectional modular sofa lounges which can enhance the overall look and feel of the living or drawing room smartly and effortlessly.

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  • • As the sofa set is large, it accommodates a decent number of people comfortably :
  • • The shape is sectional, and thus it helps to save a considerable amount of space in the living room :
  • • The upholstery is made out of high quality leather :
  • • The filling material is ultra-light and soft, which helps in making the entire sofa comfortable and cozy :
  • • To glorify the drawing-room and entice your guests, this modular sofa set lounge is unmatchable to other sofa sets currently available :
  • • The sofa set is designed ergonomically, as it allows a person to place to leverage the headrest and relax comfortably :
  • • The sofa set is highly customized, as one can use them as per their convenience
  • • The bright and peach colour shade of the sofa set is attractive to the eyes
  • • The legs of the sofa set are durable and sturdy
  • • The headrest enables a person to sit and relax while having a fun chat with the family or friends in a comfortable way
  • • The filling materials are so light that it provides utmost comfort when someone sits on the sofa
  • • One can even lie back comfortably on the sofa, as it is enough spacious and broad

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  • • Use a soft cloth to clean your sofa set if there are any stains or marks
  • • Make sure to keep away all kinds of sharp objects from the sofa
  • • Make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust that gets accumulated over time
  • • Use a temporary cover for your sofa when there is no one in the house for a long time
  • • Make use of a lint roller to keep the leather sofa set polished