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Plover, hidden in its name are the qualities of this dining chair. The designs call for ultimate style itself. Plover sits upon four tapered wooden legs. It’s dressed beautifully with leatherette seats.
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Design Plover is beautifully designed, durable and sturdy
Storage Ensures easy portability and facilitates easy storage, without taking up much space


  • • Light Weight
  • • Durable
  • • Seamless finish
  • • Excellent strength
  • • Dimensional accuracy


  • To extend the life of your fabric furniture, kindly follow these simple tips
  • 1. Keep cover your furniture from direct sunlight and don’t keep it near sharp objects to prevent wear and tear.
  • 2.Always shift your sofa, do not drag them as sometimes it may break or get scratch. Don’t sit on the arms or the back of your furniture as it may break the frame
  • 3.Remove spills and stains immediately.
  • 4. If you are vacuuming your sofa make sure you do it periodically with a soft bristled brush attachment or lightly brush them to keep general dirt.
  • 5.Avoid moisture and water exposure.


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