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grace l shape sofa designs

L Shape Sofa: A Smart Sofa

Why just give a luxurious look when you can add better comfort to it? L shape sofa provides flexibility of usage and a stylish design. L shape sofa sets fit in anywhere without disturbing the decor whether it’s a corner or any part of your living room. You can use it as a regular sofa to sit or stretch your legs or to relax.

Regarding Leatherette Sofas – there’s nothing quite like this when it comes to infusing a character into the living room. Luxurious, classy, easy to maintain and one-of-the-first choices when it comes to choosing a sofa for your home.

The only challenge with luxury leather sofas? They turn out to be so expensive; so you do not want the costly mistake of picking the wrong sofa, and Cherrypick India is here to help you pick the perfect leatherette sofa based on your home interiors and your comfort while bringing you the best of supreme L shape sofas from Italy where they originated and of other countries too. One that is high quality, imported brands and tailored to your needs.

List of L Shape Sofa from Cherrypick India Store:

  • Brooklyn L Shape Sofa Set: Is a wide L shape sofa adding to the aesthetics of your home interiors. It comes with elegant stark white color and goes with almost every wall color.

brooklyn leather sofa set

  • Crinum L Share Sofa Set: This is an in-house product of Cherrypick. It is made of high quality leather upholstery. The royal white color amplifies the look of the whole living room.


  • Gola L Shape Sofa Set: This L-shaped stuffed leather sofa gives a warm look to your living room with it’s color and design. It comes with dark brown color with a glazed look.

L-shaped Stuffed Leather Sofa Set

  • Grace L Shape Sofa Set: This multicolor sofa makes your living space look interesting and lively. This is one of the finest Italian collections. It features squared track arms and low tapered back.

grace l shape leather sofa set

  • Lambert Sectional Sofa: This is a pure leather product giving a classy look to your living room. The design has been checked for it’s longevity for not sagging due to prolonged usage.

lambert l shape sofa

  • Martin Leather Sectional Sofa: This is one of the unique products made with minimalistic features. The sofa is of burly wood color finish and the upholstery is polished. This contemporary furniture beautifies your living room.

martin leather sofa

  • Natuzzi Leather Sectional Sofa: This premium L shaped sofa consist of 2 separate sofa when joined together form L comes in orange colour LHS corner sofa. This upholstered sofa comes with 6 Seater options with metallic legs which makes it durable and comfortable.

natuzzi sectional sofa designs

Tips for L-Shaped Sofa Care:

  • Use quality vacuum cleaner to clean dust

  • Use plastic cover to protect the sofa in your absence

  • Carefully remove and adjust functional parts of sofa

  • Keep away from any sharp objects to avoid any scratches or tears on leather

  • Use soft cloth to clean stains or marks on sofa

Everything is designed, few things are designed well. Design creates culture while culture shapes values and values determine the future. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, rather design is how it works. Simplicity carried to an extreme becomes elegance. Your home should be a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. Furniture must have personality as well as be beautiful.

Whatever it is, hope you enjoyed this post and are now ready to pick the perfect L-Shaped Sofa Set in Bangalore from Cherrypick.

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