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Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture

  • Post By: Cherrypick

  • Date : February 28, 2020

When is the Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture or Patio Furniture & Why?

Outdoor or patio furniture is specifically designed for your outdoor use. You can utilize your outdoor seating arrangement for various purposes- is it relaxing with your cup of coffee, dining with your family, taking a siesta or reading a book in a peaceful environment. The best part of having outdoor furniture is that you can experience comfort and relaxation under the cover of natural blue sky!

To experience your outdoor activities at their best what you need to keep in mind while buying a piece of furniture is that it must be durable, easy to clean and made up of weatherproof and rust-resistant material. Buy the right backyard sanctuary that is not adversely affected or damaged by winters, rains, and other environmental factors. Such a choice of furniture will let you indulge in endless luxury in the open space without the worry of incurring further costs on its replacement or repurchase.

You can choose from a variety of outdoor furniture such as garden table and chair sets for your family, buy outdoor jhulas or garden swings with contemporary styles, designs, and colors. The appropriate items of furniture will help you in unwinding in the open air while revamping your backyard and adding a spark of freshness to your outdoor space.

Talking about the garden seating set, it is a perfect choice for you and your family to engage in conversations and feel a closer connection with each other. It also enables you to enjoy leisurely dining over chit-chats and organize a house outdoor party with your friends and guests whenever you wish!

Apart from enabling you to relax with the natural breeze around, a porch or outdoor swing is known to provide you with incredible health benefits. It helps you to tone your muscles when you drift back and forth using your legs, improve your focus and concentration, blood circulation and reduce your stress or anxiety levels. Your outdoor jhula can also be a statement piece of decoration and point of pride for your open terrace or garden space.

Know Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture or Patio Furniture

Now, you might wonder which is the best time of the year to buy outdoor furniture for your deck or porch. Here is the handy guide on what you need to know and when you should consider making a purchase of your outdoor furniture:


One of the best seasons to buy patio furniture is during the spring as you get great deals and promotional discounts on the new pieces. If you decide to purchase your outdoor furniture in this season, try placing your order between the months of March to May. Booking earlier will help you to beat the crowd and avoid peak season pricing. It will also save you from facing a delay in getting your desired furniture back in stock and shipping.

Fall Season

The fall season, especially the months of September and October, are also ideal for patio furniture shopping due to two reasons. The first reason is that during this time you can stock up your favorite outdoor items before winter sets in. Getting your outdoor furniture arranged ahead of time will help you to begin enjoying the wintry sunny days, with beautiful clear skies and natural views, from the moment it arrives. The other reason is that retailers try to get rid of their old stock in September and so offer you huge discounts on furniture to clear their inventory before the next season.

Summer Months

Summer months are usually not the ideal time to order for your outdoor furniture. The reason is that fewer sales of patio furniture take place and there are poor deals during this season. You can buy your furniture in the summer season only when you do not have enough time to wait for the right purchasing season or you want to furnish and deck up your home outdoor areas without delay.


Winter offers you fewer selections of the outdoor porch and deck furniture compared to the popular shopping seasons. This is because most of the furniture stocks offering fabulous discounts are sold out during the fall season and this time of the year is more about selling Christmas trees, gifts, decor accessories, and other stuff. Still, if you keep your eyes peeled you can end up grabbing great deals even on the limited collection of furniture.


Holidays such as Republic day, Labor Day, Independence Day and others are often the best time to buy outdoor furniture. If you keep looking out for the right pieces and deals, you can grab special discounts on your online furniture shopping during this time as well.

The Bottom Line:

Thus, in whichever season you purchase your outdoor furniture, your favorite piece will surely add style and elegance to your home exteriors. You can enjoy some fresh air and bask in the sunlight for hours every day as after all sun is your best source of Vitamin D. Your patio furniture can also serve as the focal point for your family gatherings. Check out the latest collection of outdoor furniture at Cherry Pick India - Luxury Furniture Store in Kormangala and place an order for your statement piece today. The excellently crafted pieces with a premium finish will beautify your spacious exteriors in the way you have always dreamt of. Stay connected with your dear ones, shoot the breeze and enjoy each other’s company amid the serene beautiful nature!